On March 30, the Chicago Fire beat the Colorado Rapids 2-1. The U.S. Open Cup qualifying match gave the Chicago Fire its second win this season. The rookies provided essential goals during the game and continued to prove their importance to the team.

I was very pleased with the performance of the Chicago Fire. They were able to beat the 2010 MLS Cup champions.
Jalil Anibaba has already shown great abilities for the Chicago Fire.

Two players stood out during the match with the Colorado Rapids:

Gaston Puerari

After 45 minutes without anyone scoring, I started to get worried. I wanted the Chicago Fire to win another game. Finally, Gaston Puerari scored a goal and gave the Chicago Fire a 1-0 lead over Colorado. As I watched the goal go past Colorado Rapids goalkeeper Ian Joyce, I knew the game had reached a turning point, and Chicago had a chance.

Jalil Anibaba

The rookie had his first goal with a Major League Soccer team. Jalil Anibaba scored a goal an hour into the game and gave the Chicago Fire the opportunity to win the qualifying match. I was impressed by his fast reaction time and skills. He was able to hit a shot more than 40 yards, and it went past Colorado Rapids goalkeeper Ian Joyce. It was easy to see Anibaba’s reaction to the goal. He could not stop smiling.