Tim Howard thinks Frank to be move to MLS

The experienced goal-keeper of Everton, Tim Howard believes that Frank Lampard should be forced to make a move to the MLS when his loan contract with Manchester City reaches its end at the end of the current month instead of having him remain with the Premier League club for an extended period of time.

When Frank Lampard left Chelsea on June of 2014, the English midfielder decided to spend the last few seasons and years of his career by making a move to the MLS as he joined New York City but since the American club does not start playing until January of 2015, Lampard signed a loan deal with Manchester City which runs out in 6 months.

Frank Lampard is 36 years old but even at this elevated age, he has made a big splash and impact since arriving to the Etihad Stadium as Manchester City’s Manuel Pellegrini is rumored to be thinking about extending the contract of Lampard.

Everton’s Tim Howard on the other hand, wants Lampard to not remain any period longer than what his initial contract with Manchester City stated.

“The MLS have made their own problem. New York is owned by Man City. Frank Lampard is playing at Man City, doing very well.Man City own the world … and I think Frank being part of a title-winning team is a little higher up their priorities. MLS made that bed’’

“Perhaps they will have to slap Frank on the wrists and tell him he has to go to New York. But I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Howard told reporters.

Since arriving to Manchester City, Lampard has helped out the Premier League club in securing important points as he has scored a number of goals which has aided Manchester City in their journey of winning the Premier League in this season. One of his most memorable or controversial goals arrived when Manchester City faced off with Chelsea and Lampard scored the equalizer as he scored against his former club.

Some fans were angry to see Lampard scoring against the club where he used to perform for over 10 years but in football anything can happen.