David Beckham wants Pique in his MLS franchise

David Beckham is going through a slow process in his process of creating an MLS team that can compete in the football league of United States. The main obstacle that Beckham is facing is where to build a stadium as he has had numerous locations proposals rejected but nonetheless, the Englishman is confident that it’s only a matter of time until he can strike a deal and start building his stadium.

Even though there still isn’t an exact location or official site for the stadium to start being built, Beckham has already begun his search of signing players and Barcelona’s Gerard Pique is one of the first players that the former Manchester United man wants to sign.

For the past few years, Gerard Pique has been hailed as one of the best defenders in the world. The Spanish defender was included in the UEFA Team of the Year and FIFA FIFPro World XI from 2010 until 2012 for consecutive years and this just shows the dominant force that Pique has been in recent times.

Pique has also played a huge role in Barcelona’s dominance and this has attracted the attention of David Beckham who is eager to add the Spanish defender to his MLS franchise after the Barcelona player decides to hang up his boots.

There still has not been a concrete answer from Gerard Pique as he still hasn’t replied to the invitation of David Beckham but rumors are suggesting that the Spanish defender is very interested in accepting the invitation as Pique would only join the MLS after his time with Barcelona reaches it’s end and making a move to the American League is a trend which is growing as more and more players who reach a certain timeline in their career are opting to do. Pique will have the chance to meet up with other veteran players who are performing in the MLS as well as the rest of the superstars that Beckham wants to add to his team including: Zlatan Ibrahimovic.